NAB Remediation – Truth or just another fairy tale?

In light of bank misconduct revealed by the Royal Commission and commitments given by CEO Andrew Thorburn to the House of Representatives Economics Committee on 19 October 2018 that NAB would be open to meet with bank victims, provide transparency and remediation for wrongs committed, a request to Andrew Thorburn to meet with Sime Juric, to do just that, was subsequently made on 21 October 2018.

Whether the bank will agree a meeting and is sincere in remediating remains to be seen or will the bank just instigate a further series of ‘business as usual’ delays to get past the Royal Commission deadline of 1 February 2019 and diddle Sime Juric and other victims once again.

The public must be aware that banks and corporations are well versed in games of avoidance and trickery, having done them for hundreds if not thousands of years, quietly tip toeing through the tulip fields until the new cycle,  this time on bank misconduct, dissipates with the public falling back into their slumber of ignorance and apathy.

Only time will tell whether Andrew Thorburn is true to his word or just a seasoned predatory snake in the grass dodging any threats before pouncing upon his next prey.

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