How banks steal your property

Bank misconduct – How they steal your properties; dwellings and land:

First, they mislead and deceive you into mortgaging as much property as you hold under the guise of trusting them, after all, they’re a bank;
Second, if they WANT your property, they destroy your credit rating so you can’t refinance from any main institutions including brokers. And selling is not always foreseeable or desirable, nor is it quick or easy in getting a fair price;
Third, the banks then come in for the kill via courts and enforcement under the guise of default; breaching the mortgage or agreement; and
Fourth, the power imbalance that exists between ordinary people and banks and their legal and financial power denies you any chance of fairness or equity in any commercial court.
That’s it!
This is the REAL misconduct game that banks win when you’re unlucky to draw the short straw. This is one of many games they play which all need exposing.

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