Have the recommendations from the Royal Commission into Banking floundered or stalled, with no intent to remedy the evil of their ways?

Whilst the recent ABC article by Daniel Ziffer has merit, like many mainstream media reports these days, they are somewhat limited in scope, depth and lacking teeth – scratching at only the surface. A bit like what the RCB did. Proper investigative journalism seems to be a dwindling art form aided by the decay in freedom of information powers and increase in apparent censorship and corporate control.

This victim of bank wickedness says that notwithstanding numerous contact and attempts with National Australia Bank to have them settle the account, NAB simply ignore, stonewall and refuse, in a clever legal, commercial and ‘big bully’ approach. The imbalance of power argument still exists.

Of course, this further deceit only serves to compound and reinforce to me that the findings exposed by the Commission have had little to no effect in improving neither the conduct nor culture of the bank toward its customers or the law. It was merely a two bit dog and pony show put on by paid Crown actors in a bid to again fool the public. But really, all these shenanigans serve to do is represent banks in a light where they are above the law and the Rule of Law does not apply.

My experiences have led me to believe that the public cannot trust banks as they are not honourable in their dealings. For if they were, not only would my matter of misfortune have been acknowledged and taken seriously, the bank would have made a genuine offer to settle. No, to me it is crystal clear that NAB has no intention to right their wrongs and remediate the wrong-doing that has occurred.

Whilst the Royal Commission revealed fundamental flaws and corruption, it was only superficial and skin deep. What is still required is a proper investigation into the organs of the world of banking, executive, judiciary and legislature. For without this, the people will not rest as peace and justice will not have been delivered. From the public’s perspective it is hard to tell from the collusion and secrecy between them all where the wickedness starts and where it ends – if at all.

The global scam pandemic exercise code-named COVID-19 is irrefutable proof that the collusion, secrecy, deception and outright lies do exist in the above-named institutions, including the complicit nature of mainstream media. There is no doubt, none whatsoever about that. The issue for all men and women now is what are we going to do about the systemic corruption that has reared it’s ugly head in plain view over these past few years like a big pimple full of puss about to explode.

As a start, we must remove or transform if possible, a flawed political structure that is more lucrative for politicians, corporations and billionaire power-brokers than it is for ordinary Australians.

We must demand full, accurate and complete transparency from the Administrator known as the ‘Australian Government’ and exactly what debts exist and to who. We must torch this administration that keeps the people on this land in a state of perpetual bankruptcy and servitude, just as you burn off a parasitic leach that mercilessly sucks the blood, energy and goodness from its host.

When enough people are ready to stand in the shoes of responsible custodians putting an end to the enormous and unfathomable costs the Australian people are paying to keep this defunct Australian administration benefiting and gorging itself on the fruits of other people’s labour, and by doing as it pleases contrary to the will of the people, only then may we start to see real freedom and prosperity like never before.

And what happened to the implementation of the recommendations being stepped up by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg reported in August 2019? How do people feel, those that have not already ended their life, after researchers revealed that Australians had lost $201 billion to financial misconduct by the banks. Was COVID not a planned convenience in a bid to wash all that and more away with the passage of time, indoctrinated fear, further loss of life, businesses and liberty placing many into survival mode?

If we want better people must first become aware of the cruel deception that global masters are playing upon the unwitting and ignorant slaves of the day and have done so for centuries. We must unite as men and women fostering the spirit of co-operation to forge new and better ways to improve access to abundance, health, joy and prosperity for us all.

If we cannot reform the State to properly serve the people, with its inadequacy running at an all time high, it must be cut loose from our minds allowing us all to start afresh.

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