NAB speaks with forked tongue

Phil Chronican

Coined from the early Native American and Indian tribes, to speak with a “forked tongue” means to deliberately say one thing and mean another, essentially meaning that a person was lying, deceptive and no longer considered worthy of trust.

Well unfortunately, Phil Chronican is that person, just like the many who have preceded him and no doubt will follow. Phil is another bank puppet on a string whose role is to fool the public with a new bag of magic tricks. Watch what I pretend to give you with my left hand while the right steals your assets, family, career and life.

Phil with his forked tongue and double speak represents the position we are in with our banks today, where the public simply neither trusts nor has any confidence in them to do the right and honourable thing. And guess what, not a whole lot is changing regardless of what dribble falls from the mouths of bank executives, whether reported in mainstream media, at a Royal Commission or when Parliamentary inquiries take place.

Take Phil’s recent NAB appointment as acting CEO/Chairman and recent comments in the Australian Financial Review (1/3/19) reporting things like “making customer remediation his top priority” and he was “focused on making sure we compensate customers as quickly as possible” and “We need to own this. It starts and stops with us.”

Well I’m sure it all sounds wonderful Phil to those naive and unsuspecting people who haven’t felt the sting of injury and loss by your bank, yet. It’s no doubt business as usual to maintain the facade the bank can be trusted, in an attempt to keep punters walking through the doors for more dodgy loan products to keep the cycle of profits and wrongdoing going. But where’s the proof of your words of remediation in reality? Where is the hard evidence and testimonials from real bank victims of theft and fraud that clearly prove they have all been properly compensated for harm caused? Is remediation not the price banks must pay for crimes committed and to keep all those liable out of jail? And yes, the government accommodates the bank’s deceit in an attempt to maintain the illusion that all is well with the Australian economy and investment. Wo, what a fiction… what deception.

Guess what Phil… there is more proof that no proper remediation is occurring like ignoring a recent email to you on 11 March 2019 to “settle the account”. You ignoring my requests is simply just a follow on from former NAB CEO Andrew Thorburn, legal counsel John Sharpe and others. How can NAB remediate when it is unwilling to properly communicate?

So you see spin doctor Phil, while some may call you ‘Lucky Phil’, the rest of us who have had the misfortune of dealing with NAB and having our lives turned upside down by the bank’s shady practices, remain unlucky, still to this day, through having placed our faith, trust and confidence in such an untrustworthy and deceitful organisation like NAB.

From personal experience and talking to swags of people on the streets for some two decades, especially in light of the Royal Commission into Banking (FSRC) last year, it is crystal clear that there is a rising, an exponential increase of more and more people viewing banking as non trustworthy. Neither is credit afforded government or legal processes that shield and cloak the banks in secrecy with limited terms of references instead of true transparency and accountability.

Even blind Freddy can see the erosion of trust diminishing confidence at a rapid rate to the point of collapsing the economy, which appears inevitable and necessary to wake up all those who remain asleep at the wheel. When people have been lied to for so long, there is no telling how markets and the mob will retaliate, specifically against wrongdoers.

There is no doubt many people are disgruntled with bank misconduct, so much so that NAB and other bank chiefs must cease misleading and attempting to fool the public any longer. Instead, be true to your word Phil, remediate and seek forgiveness. I await your reply and intention to afford restitution for the irreparable damage NAB has caused.

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