NAB Andrew Thorburn goes back on his word

Is anybody really surprised that head banker NAB CEO Andrew Thorburn has gone back on his word and trust seems to be out the door?

Mr Thorburn having appeared at a recent Parliamentary Inquiry on Economics on 19 October 2018 gave a commitment before Honourable Matt Thistlethwaite MP encouraging aggrieved customers to come forward and contact him directly to have their cases reviewed.

“I would encourage anybody who doesn’t feel that in the case of the National Australia Bank they’ve been properly heard to come to me directly… I’d encourage people to to come forward to me and so that we can have them reviewed again. That’s what I denitely commit to do.” – NAB CEO Andrew Thorburn

However, when Mr Thorburn was emailed directly to set up a meeting between Mr Sime Juric and Mr Thorburn, although a reply was received from an executive assistant, no meeting date was scheduled.

It has been the experience of Mr Juric and countless others that this stonewalling is typical of NAB, which only serves to bring Mr Thorburn’s credibility into question, yet again. Public confidence in trusting the banks is the pivotal issue and at a low ebb.

Of course the team at the Royal Commission was notified late Thursday (15/11) of this breach of credibility, just in time before Round 7 commences on 19 November 2018, where Mr Thorburn and other top executives from  financial institutions will front up under the guise of policy questions.

During the hearings the public will invariably hear from the top brass more lip service and deception. Words that sound good but lack any substance in real life. In other words non-truths and lies, just like Mr Thorburn’s false words and empty promises before MP Thistlethwaite.

At the hands of expert Commission lawyers, one can only hope that bank CEOs and others will be asked the right questions in order that the deep truth will shine through. If not, it will be more of the same like a predicted one sided football match with the banks again winning as we all keep watching the wheels turn round and round.

Whilst the public sees the disingenuous behaviour of bank executives, the question in the minds of the public is, will the Commission reveal the true misconduct behind executive power, or will the likes of Mr Thorburn and others get an easy ride and simply be allowed to proceed with what many perceive as ‘criminal operations’ but now perhaps in an even more covert way?

So as trust remains in dispute, clearly the Royal Commission must exist for another twelve months or so, at least in a supervisory capacity, to iron out the central issue of bank credibility at executive and board level and this failure of transparency that keeps cropping up, not to mention ensuring remediation for bank victims takes place in a timely manner.

So let us all with bated breath listen to Mr Thorburn’s appearance this coming week in Melbourne probably from the 26th to see what may arise. Will it be a further confession and repent session of ‘sorrys’, seeking forgiveness and more hollow and unkept promises in an attempt to again fool the public? Or will thunder and lighting erupt where the truth shall eventually be revealed, with hard evidence that bank victims like Mr Juric will finally obtain proper restitution?

Rest assured oh wise public that cases like Mr Juric’s long standing dispute of some 30 years is a litmus test. If resolved fairly in full satisfaction of Mr Juric’s claim, will be irrefutable proof that NAB and Mr Thorburn have turned the corner and seen the error of their ways. Mr Thorburn may then be afforded redemption with the rest of us living in hope of a brighter future for our children.



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