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Banking royal commission recommendations flounder, two years on

By Daniel Ziffer Billions of dollars were stolen. Dead customers were charged. Worthless products were sold to millions. Key points: The final report of the Banking Royal Commission was released two years ago Of its 76 recommendations, only about one-third have come into law Some key protections have been downgraded or abandoned Two years ago,

People must Unite for Bank Remediation

“United we stand — divided we fall”– Aesop, Greek slave & fable author (620 BC – 560 BC) For decades, if not hundreds of years, people have been betrayed by banks who have stolen their property and their lives. Trust and confidence has been breached and eroded. Misrepresentation and misconduct has been allowed to flourish.

Abracadabra: Lendlease magic tricks come home to roost

How does Lendlease make its asset valuations? “Blooms of mould and lead paint … infestations of snakes and cockroaches and dangerously faulty window screens”. Lendlease has come under fire in the US from the families of soldiers living in its military housing at Fort Hood for “abysmal housing conditions”. The irony is that this is

NAB speaks with forked tongue

Coined from the early Native American and Indian tribes, to speak with a “forked tongue” means to deliberately say one thing and mean another, essentially meaning that a person was lying, deceptive and no longer considered worthy of trust. Well unfortunately, Phil Chronican is that person, just like the many who have preceded him and